Kathleen Dooley
Singer, Pianist, Songwriter

Kathleen Dooley mixes smooth vocals with subtle but lively piano arrangements reminiscent of her extensive scoring and arrangement background. As an independent original artist, Kathleen has written and arranged jazz, blues, country, and pop singles for herself and various local Chicago artists. She has scored over 10 full theater productions, composed theatrical radio jingles, and recorded countless video scores. As a soloist, she performs covers by artists including Carole King, The Eagles, Pink, Bob Dylan, Billy Joel, Evanescence, The Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin, and Norah Jones.

When not performing as a solo artist, Kathleen can be found with The Heels alongside her best conga buddy Sherry Winchester Schultz, in Barrelhouse Blend with talented guitarist and singer, Gary Krause, and most recently in the singer songwriter duo Dooley Schwartz with longtime friend and collaborator, Eric Peter Schwartz. Kathleen also spends much of the year writing scores and acting as the Music Director in local theater productions and events. 


She performed regularly with Jack Schultz and Sherry Winchester Schultz in the acoustic trio, Acoustic Alternatives for almost 15 years until Jack's sudden passing in 2012. Kathleen and Sherry then joined forces with Barbara St. John and Michael Colle to form the band, Collective Feat, and played consistently in the Chicago suburbs until Michael's passing in 2016.