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Back Achin' Blues (Original)

Kiss the Sky Records - Batavia, IL

Singer Songwriter Kathleen Dooley is a versatile entertainer reminiscent of Carole King pulling from Motown, Jazz, Honkytonk, and Country Folk roots.  Kathleen covers a broad catalog of artists including Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Billy Joel, Pink, Bonnie Raitt, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Eagles, and Foo Fighters.  Her performance styles range from background jazz, rollicking honkytonk rhythms, piano bar sing-a-longs, to poignant storytelling through music.

Kathleen's original music is featured regularly on independent internet radio stations, The Music Authority and Twirl Radio, and in Chicago suburban theater productions.  Her songs have also been covered by Nashville recording artists and local folk performers.

When not performing as a soloist, Kathleen can be found performing in the trio, Barrelhouse Blend, the duo, The Heels, and subbing with the party band, Electro Retro.


Kiss the Sky - Batavia, IL

Singer, Pianist, Songwriter

Kathleen Dooley

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Audio Demos

Kathleen Dooley Demo.mp3
Barrelhouse Blend Demo.mp3


When it comes to female vocalists, I’m a big fan of warm voices. Linda Ronstadt; Karen Carpenter, Laurel Massé. Kathleen Dooley’s voice is a mug of hot chocolate wrapped in a flannel comforter. Her live performances are dynamic, whether solo or in one of the various duo/band configurations to which she belongs, so if you’re in the Chicago area and find out that she’s playing – GO.

~ Amazon Review of "Skyfront Property" Album

I really want to thank the musicians that came out last night, especially Kathleen Dooley, who didn't have her keyboard but played the *** out of my guitar and brought down the house several times with her beautiful voice! I'd go as far to say she's one of the finest vocalists in the Chicago area, and for a keyboardist, plays a guitar like it's her first instrument!

~ Sandwich Country Artist and Music Host, Jody Upp

“Close The Door” – This somber song is chameleon-like because it can’t quite be categorized, and one won’t waste time trying to categorize a song they’re too busy enjoying." 

- Reggie Altema at Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

Song List

Past Shows

I Can't Let Go & Blue Bayou

Barrelhouse Blend

Listen Local - Sandwich Opera House, IL

Don't Mess Around with Jim  
Kathleen Dooley and the Gin Joint Jam
Steel Beam Theatre - St. Charles, IL

Best of Me (Original)
Kathleen Dooley and the Gin Joint Jam 
Rehearsal - Aurora, IL

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Collective Feat

Q-Bar - Plano, IL

Undisputed (Original)

Kathleen Dooley and Eric P. Schwartz- 

Java Plus Coffee - Aurora, IL

Lies (Original) 

Kiss the Sky Records - Batavia, IL

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