Kathleen Dooley mixes smooth vocals with lively piano arrangements to cover a broad catalog of contemporary and classic artists. Kathleen also has a large catalog of original music that marries her swing, jazz, and country folk roots.   She adapts her catalog each performance to the audience, venue, and environment.  Because of this, she is as at home performing smokey jazz in a fine dining restaurant as she is on stage with a full band rocking the night away.  Kathleen's solo show is typically a mix of original music and favorite cover songs.  She encourages audience participation by seeking their requests and leading them in piano bar style sing-a-longs.  Artists played in a given night include: Carole King, The Eagles, Pink, Bob Dylan, Journey, Sheryl Crow, Elton John, Billy Joel, Pink Floyd,  The Foo Fighters, The Rolling Stones, and Norah Jones.

Kathleen also performs regularly with trio, Barrelhouse Blend, duo, The Heels, and original duo Dooley Schwartz.


Audio Demos

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Barrelhouse Blend Demo.mp3

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Kiss the Sky - Batavia, IL

Back Achin' Blues (Original)

Kiss the Sky Records - Batavia, IL

I Can't Let Go & Blue Bayou

Barrelhouse Blend

Listen Local - Sandwich Opera House, IL

Singer, Pianist, Songwriter

Kathleen Dooley

Song List

Past Shows

Don't Mess Around with Jim  

Kathleen Dooley and Her Rockin' Gypsy Band, Steel Beam Theatre - St. Charles, IL

Best of Me (Original)

Kathleen Dooley and Her Gin Joint Jam Band

Rehearsal - Aurora, IL

These Boots Were Made for Walking

Collective Feat

Q-Bar - Plano, IL

Lies (Original) 

Kiss the Sky Records - Batavia, IL

Undisputed (Original)

Kathleen Dooley and Eric P. Schwartz- 

Java Plus Coffee - Aurora, IL