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Kathleen Dooley and Her Rockin' Gypsy Band
7:30 PM

This was such a fun and exciting opportunity to showcase not only some of my originals and the stories behind them, but a group of amazing musicians from my theater and local music circles.  We had a terrific night of music that featured the amazing talents of:

Lead Guitar - Eric Prebys

Bass and Acoustic Guitars - Gary Krause

Drums - Jim Schlucter

Harmonica and Saxophone - Maryann Rothman

Congas and Background Vocals - Sherry Winchester Schultz

Background Vocals - Erin Dameron

Background Vocals - Lori Skubich

We played nearly three hours of tunes that included songs from the CD, songs that I had written for other artists or shows, and a couple of songs I wrote specifically for this special night utilizing this amazing group of artists.  We pulled out a few cover songs as well - I mean, if you have a chorus of beautiful voices, a guitarist who can slide and "wah-wah" the crap out of a song, a bass player who brings such amazing funk to a tune, and one of the best harmonica players I know, you have to pull out some Eagles, Pink Floyd, Jim Croce, Patti LaBelle, Nancy Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, and Leonard Cohen.  Right?

It was a remarkable night for me.  I'm so grateful to the wonderful folks at Steel Beam Theatre for allowing me to take this musical journey, and I'm ever so grateful to the folks who came out to see the show.  I'm so blessed to have each of you in my life.

As I said in the show - please keep going out to see live theater and live music.  For many of us, the arts are where we found balance, found our passion, and most importantly, found our voice.  The arts were vital in my education, and the arts are critical today for so many others who have learning, emotional, and developmental challenges.  Let's keep financing the arts, and keep creativity alive!


My Collective Feat bandmates and I were devastated to find out that our beloved friend and guitarist Michael Colle was diagnosed with an aggressive, inoperable stage 4 brain tumor in July of 2016.  He fought every day, but lost his battle in November.  We miss our friend terribly and music will be a little less amazing without his talents in the world.

Rest in peace, dear friend.

June, 2016

I'm so excited to announce that my labor of love, Lost in My Skyfront is completed!  The CD includes 12 original songs; 3 of which were written many years ago that I often perform live, but were previously not available to purchase or download.  


To understand the meaning of "Skyfront", you must first realize that I am constantly on the move.  Although my locale may be changing constantly, I always have a little piece of sky to view which keeps me, in a way, grounded.  Many of these songs came from inspirations that hit while gazing upward.


My intent was to blend my storytelling side with my folk and honky-tonk tendancies in this CD.  I sing all of the parts, play all of the instruments, and absolutely own all of the imperfections.


Please check it out here:

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